The Search for Serenity

Rants of an ex-stoner geek

8 July 1983
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I'm a girl with a mission: to write music for video games. All I've got to carry it out is the musical genes my dad gave me, and the book smarts my mom gave me. And a stubborn arrogance that'll either make or break my career.
Other than that, I enjoy listening to such music, playing video games, and having intelligent conversations with intelligent people(though a little stupidity with my dear friends never hurt anyone. Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I can't act stupid, right?).
People see me as a withdrawn, Roger Waters kind of person. I guess I am. I'm not an extrovert by any means, and I won't sugarcoat things to spare one's feelings if it's gonna interfere with progress. But I've got a warm side too- it's just the people who don't take me at face value that get to see it.
Oh, and yeah- I write fanfiction too.