madcap_minstrel (madcap_minstrel) wrote,

So bored...

I now work 12-hour shifts on a rotating schedule. The days I work, I come home and only have two hours to myself before I need to go to sleep. I don't want to do anything during that time but watch Netflix. I know I'm earning money, but the days feel like such a waste that way. I learn better when I study every day, but I'm too tired on the days I work. At least if I've worked, but have the next day off, I stay up later, so I fit more into the evening. I worked yesterday, and studied some more web development after I got home. I suppose I should do the same today, along with pre-calculus and Spanish.
I keep having to remind myself that my job prospects aren't going to improve unless I do the necessary work. Gotta study. Gotta find something to program.
So, off to do just that!
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