madcap_minstrel (madcap_minstrel) wrote,

Tumblr? With all the speshul snowflakes??

I'm considering getting my own Tumblr account so I can see how fandoms these days work. Gone are the fiction archives on personal websites...or rather, they're still around, but gathering dust. Frank Verderosa's page has been lovingly restored by fans and looks as good as new. I haven't checked out IcyBrian's page in years, nor "Aeris & Sephiroth In Love". "Breathe" is falling apart, but I now realize how horrid that story really was. Aeris' cousin and her "silver materia"...Rufus raping Tifa but turning into a completely different man for his underaged O.C. girlfriend...SMH.
I miss those good old days. But I'd like to see how it all works today. "Us & Them" was recced years back by an individual with a Tumblr account. I found it rather flattering. :)
However, one hears all the horror stories about the people with "special snowflake syndrome", and the social justice warriors. I'm sure my stories manage to side with the "patriarchy" somehow. I just don't care. :P
But...later. It's sunny and 65 degrees out, and I want to go for a drive. :)
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