madcap_minstrel (madcap_minstrel) wrote,

This is awesome...

Newgrounds is definitely a much better place to post my music than SoundCloud, though I'll continue to post my stuff on both websites. Giving myself a headache trying to write some lyrics to a rock tune I wrote with an ex-friend(in the remote chance that this song ever went viral, I WOULD pay that entitled brat his share of the royalties). I've got a friend who can lay down a guitar solo and another friend who can sing, but I'd need someone else to help replace the lead guitar parts.
I've posted sprite art up on Newgrounds as well, and I've got plans to work on some "talking heads" for my original characters. First up will be Jasper the spell-casting pirate(yar!). Really looking forward to the summer when I can focus on coding in JavaScript again. I'd really like to finish my game demo.
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