madcap_minstrel (madcap_minstrel) wrote,

I hate this time of year...

It's a little too cold and windy, so I'm inside. I suppose I could go find a friend to spend time with, or something. I really wish the library was open longer on weekends. I think I'd prefer to study there. I've got another macroeconomics assignment due tonight. I hate classes where I suspect my grade is based on my political alignment. I'm neither right-wing or left-wing. What's with this "wing" shit anyway? We're not fucking birds. Pigs, dogs and sheep, maybe(Pink Floyd reference there, boys and girls), but not birds.
Anyway, I know I won't turn it in until the last minute...not because I'll finish it at the last minute, but because I'm always afraid I've fucked something up, so I won't turn it in until I absolutely have to.
Well, I suppose I'll go take a shower and then finish my homework, and study more Python programming. Then, I might actually work on some music, like this little masterpiece of mine here:
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