madcap_minstrel (madcap_minstrel) wrote,

Update for the empty virtual room...

I've been teaching myself HTML and C#. I'm back in school majoring in Information Technology so that I can be "that IT chick".
Right now, I'm in community college. Once I get the IT degree, I'll transfer to the state university for Computer Science, but I'm really hoping I can find a job that offers tuition reimbursement. On one hand, if I take a full-time job, I might be forty by the time I get a B.S., especially if I meet a guy, get married and have a kid.
I want to get network and A+ certified as well, and open up as many employment doors as I can in order to support myself financially, but what I really want to do is freelance web development/design, and work with a small team of people on the side to create a video game(that's why I'm learning to program C#). Both are things I can do from the comfort of my own home, with a baby in my lap. :P
Once this semester ends, I'll be signing up for a trial run of Team Treehouse, which is an online interactive program that teaches web development. They also teach Python, which one of my classes will be focusing on next semester.
I've already started working on my first website. No domain name yet, it's strictly offline for now. I gotta start drawing more, though, let's just say.
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