July 7th, 2016


Yes indeedy...the main character in the game I've been working on is now capable of movement. He can move up, down, left, right, and diagonal when I press the directional keys on my computer. I was also able to put up colliders so that he doesn't walk through walls, or the shop counter.
So my next mission is to make him interact with the shopkeeper. First, to simply make him say a greeting when I press the "action" key right in front of him. Then, to switch to a new screen where I can "buy" stuff from him. Then, to create an inventory.
Of course, I could always bypass that and post a link to my Newgrounds page on the forum in an attempt to get people interested in teaming up with me. I just need an artist or two, and a few programmers well-versed in C#. Buuuuuuut...trying to see what I can do on my own is just too much fun! ^_^