Yes indeedy...the main character in the game I've been working on is now capable of movement. He can move up, down, left, right, and diagonal when I press the directional keys on my computer. I was also able to put up colliders so that he doesn't walk through walls, or the shop counter.
So my next mission is to make him interact with the shopkeeper. First, to simply make him say a greeting when I press the "action" key right in front of him. Then, to switch to a new screen where I can "buy" stuff from him. Then, to create an inventory.
Of course, I could always bypass that and post a link to my Newgrounds page on the forum in an attempt to get people interested in teaming up with me. I just need an artist or two, and a few programmers well-versed in C#. Buuuuuuut...trying to see what I can do on my own is just too much fun! ^_^

Rest in peace, my friend.

Tomorrow, it will be a month to the day that I lost one of my best friends from high school. Not only high school, but the entire time I was in college, she was a close friend. She would hang out with me on my birthday, had many fun parties at her house, and I would come bug her at the stores she worked at.
Cancer is a bitch. It takes away an otherwise healthy 30-year-old woman, leaving behind her 3-year-old son, who's too young to understand where his mommy went.
Her funeral was beautiful,(thankfully there was an urn instead of an open casket) and another old friend of ours came up from hundreds of miles away just to say goodbye. Afterward, there was a party where we all reminisced, and laughed over the good times.
It's been rough, knowing that this person is gone. I have regrets that haunt me, and I just wish I'd hung out with her more recently. Hanging out with my other old friend helped a bit, and I find myself wanting to spend more time with other friends, because you really never know what's going to happen.
I also find myself more motivated to do what I need to do to improve my life. My friend was just starting to turn hers around.
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So bored...

I now work 12-hour shifts on a rotating schedule. The days I work, I come home and only have two hours to myself before I need to go to sleep. I don't want to do anything during that time but watch Netflix. I know I'm earning money, but the days feel like such a waste that way. I learn better when I study every day, but I'm too tired on the days I work. At least if I've worked, but have the next day off, I stay up later, so I fit more into the evening. I worked yesterday, and studied some more web development after I got home. I suppose I should do the same today, along with pre-calculus and Spanish.
I keep having to remind myself that my job prospects aren't going to improve unless I do the necessary work. Gotta study. Gotta find something to program.
So, off to do just that!

I've got fan-art!

This picture was made by a fan of my "Ripples" series. Very well-done, and it totally made my day. :D

I really should work on my own art as well...*goes to open Photoshop*

More from the inside of my head:

I was thinking back on the one original story that I wrote, which was a project that evolved since 2000, when I turned 17. As a result, the story continued to take place during that year. The main character talked to her friends online using a 56k modem, shopped at Ames and Caldor, and her friends made fun of Dawson's Creek. Sadly, the story was erased, along with my entire hard drive in 2010. I had a lot of fun with it, but I'm not really interested in re-writing it again.
Still, I can't help thinking about it every once in a while.
Interestingly enough, I read that they're trying to revive Caldor.

Tumblr? With all the speshul snowflakes??

I'm considering getting my own Tumblr account so I can see how fandoms these days work. Gone are the fiction archives on personal websites...or rather, they're still around, but gathering dust. Frank Verderosa's page has been lovingly restored by fans and looks as good as new. I haven't checked out IcyBrian's page in years, nor "Aeris & Sephiroth In Love". "Breathe" is falling apart, but I now realize how horrid that story really was. Aeris' cousin and her "silver materia"...Rufus raping Tifa but turning into a completely different man for his underaged O.C. girlfriend...SMH.
I miss those good old days. But I'd like to see how it all works today. "Us & Them" was recced years back by an individual with a Tumblr account. I found it rather flattering. :)
However, one hears all the horror stories about the people with "special snowflake syndrome", and the social justice warriors. I'm sure my stories manage to side with the "patriarchy" somehow. I just don't care. :P
But...later. It's sunny and 65 degrees out, and I want to go for a drive. :)

This is awesome...

Newgrounds is definitely a much better place to post my music than SoundCloud, though I'll continue to post my stuff on both websites. Giving myself a headache trying to write some lyrics to a rock tune I wrote with an ex-friend(in the remote chance that this song ever went viral, I WOULD pay that entitled brat his share of the royalties). I've got a friend who can lay down a guitar solo and another friend who can sing, but I'd need someone else to help replace the lead guitar parts.
I've posted sprite art up on Newgrounds as well, and I've got plans to work on some "talking heads" for my original characters. First up will be Jasper the spell-casting pirate(yar!). Really looking forward to the summer when I can focus on coding in JavaScript again. I'd really like to finish my game demo.

I hate this time of year...

It's a little too cold and windy, so I'm inside. I suppose I could go find a friend to spend time with, or something. I really wish the library was open longer on weekends. I think I'd prefer to study there. I've got another macroeconomics assignment due tonight. I hate classes where I suspect my grade is based on my political alignment. I'm neither right-wing or left-wing. What's with this "wing" shit anyway? We're not fucking birds. Pigs, dogs and sheep, maybe(Pink Floyd reference there, boys and girls), but not birds.
Anyway, I know I won't turn it in until the last minute...not because I'll finish it at the last minute, but because I'm always afraid I've fucked something up, so I won't turn it in until I absolutely have to.
Well, I suppose I'll go take a shower and then finish my homework, and study more Python programming. Then, I might actually work on some music, like this little masterpiece of mine here:


The year of Back to the Future 2. Where the fuck are my self-lacing hi-tops?! Also, I don't think we're ever going to have flying cars. Even if we had the technology, people are too stupid to drive regular cars correctly. We would wipe out a good chunk of the population if we had a "skyway". Even then, I think only 10% of the population would even invest in such a monstrosity...if they could even afford it. I for one, would be too scared to ever try it, considering I kept crashing my Osprey whenever I played "LHX Attack Chopper" as a kid...
So in other news, an acquaintance of mine TOTALLY hooked me up with a free year subscription to "Team Treehouse". Once I get well-versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web design, I would LOVE to create an old-school, 90's style website to put up fan-art and fanfiction. Something like "Oh No! Not Another FF7 Page!" or "Aeris and Sephiroth In Love" would be fun. Perhaps in the vein of those authors, I'll also disappear forever. :P
There's a reason fanfic authors tend to range from mid-teens to early-20's. I was 22 and just finishing up my first time in college, and I had time to update "Us & Them" very frequently- sometimes even two days in a row. FF7 was also undergoing a resurgance due to the impending release of Advent Children and the Compilation, which fucked up many a good author's continuity. Traffic was high, and there were plenty of people to talk fandom with. I was learning to use Photoshop to color, and had a lot of free time on my hands...time that I sadly wasted. I will always have that spectre hovering over my head, knowing I wasted the best years of my life.
Now I'm 31, and time is like handfuls of sand I keep clutching, but the grains just keep slipping through. I'm running furiously to catch up and be happy. Read the lyrics to "Time" by Pink Floyd and you'll know what I'm talking about.
I used to check the updates from other favorite authors, but now I have to put the notifications aside. Right now, I'm typing while taking a break from typing up my macroeconomics homework that's due tomorrow night. Old habits of procrastination die hard.

Update for the empty virtual room...

I've been teaching myself HTML and C#. I'm back in school majoring in Information Technology so that I can be "that IT chick".
Right now, I'm in community college. Once I get the IT degree, I'll transfer to the state university for Computer Science, but I'm really hoping I can find a job that offers tuition reimbursement. On one hand, if I take a full-time job, I might be forty by the time I get a B.S., especially if I meet a guy, get married and have a kid.
I want to get network and A+ certified as well, and open up as many employment doors as I can in order to support myself financially, but what I really want to do is freelance web development/design, and work with a small team of people on the side to create a video game(that's why I'm learning to program C#). Both are things I can do from the comfort of my own home, with a baby in my lap. :P
Once this semester ends, I'll be signing up for a trial run of Team Treehouse, which is an online interactive program that teaches web development. They also teach Python, which one of my classes will be focusing on next semester.
I've already started working on my first website. No domain name yet, it's strictly offline for now. I gotta start drawing more, though, let's just say.